Priya 9978 Contact Money Earning App [ Daily 200 ]

In today’s time, some people keep looking for ways of earning on the internet, while some people are looking for good earning apps, and some people are eager to know about Priya 9978 Contact Money Earning App, What is this app?  And how to earn money from this priya 9978 Contact earning app, on top of all these things, I am going to give you the detailed information in this article.

Priya 9978 contact money earning app

Overview of Priya 9978 Contact Money Earning App

In this app, there is also an option of chatting with the formation of multiple groups, so that people can overcome their loneliness and try to feel a little better. You can create your own group by including one or two girls and boys in this app and earn money through this group.

 This app is very good for people who are interested in chatting so that they can earn some money by doing their favorite work.

How to Get Started with Priya 9978 Earning App

Let me tell you one thing in advance this Priya 9978 app is not available on Play Store because this app violates Google’s terms and conditions.  Now it comes to where you will get this app.  Friends, you can join our Telegram group for this app.

After the installation process is complete, first enter your mobile number to create your account and verify the number after receiving the OTP.  Enter the referral code ‘7PSUL546IK‘ and you will get 50 coins.

Now set up your profile, select your name, gender, and interest in talking to a boy or girl, etc. If you want, you can also put a profile image. In this way, you can successfully create your thriving account.

Earning Opportunities on Priya 9978 App

 1. Earn Through Groups And Chats

Friends, as I have already told you that the purpose of this app is to earn money along with entertainment, you can also create your own group in this app. Or by joining someone else’s group and chatting, you will keep getting coins.

 2. Refer And Earn

Invite your friends through your link and refer code and you will get 100 coins for each refer.

 3. Admin work in Group

In all the community groups, the admin is required to manage the group, if you do this work, then you will get some coins through the owner of the group.

The method of taking payment in this app is very easy, if you make 1000 coins in this app, then you can withdraw money through paytm, phone pay, paypal.  You can convert these 1000 coins into 100 INR.

Also to increase your earnings use the chat option more than voice calling and let the app run in background which will increase your usage time and also earning.

User Reviews and Testimonials

On using Priya 9978 earning app, it did not seem at all that I am earning from it as if I am running a social media app like Instagram etc.

8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How much money can be earned from Priya 9978 contact money earning app?

 Ans – If you use this app properly then you will earn 200 rupees a day but it depends on how much you use this app.


Friends, today we told you how to earn money from Priya 9978 contact money earning app, in which we told you about all the ways by which you can earn money from this app. I hope you have liked this post, please share it. 

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