How To Refer And Earn in Amazon Pay [ INSTANT 35₹ ]

25 ruppees are receiving here on refer on Amazon Pay, and friends over here if you also want to learn how to earn money by referring here in Amazon Pay?

Inside this article of today is going to teach you. Because there is also a lot of people who use Amazon Pay app and want to make money by referral from Amazon app but some peoples do not get the refer money here, then in this article today you will get a

Guys let me tell here there are a lot of friends here the referral option is not showing here in this article I will tell you where you will get the refer option in the new update here from where by referring any friend.

How to refer and earn in Amazon pay

How To Refer And Earn in Amazon Pay

  1. Very easy way to make money by referring to Amazon pay, now what is the preference  to refer to we talk? Follow these are some steps to earn by referal.
  2. First of all install the Amazon App and after you open it, login your account and click on Amazon Pay option after login.
  3. Earlier the Refer and Earn option was found in Quick Actions but after the New update arrived, Invite your friend and family’s options will get to you at the bottom Click on icon.
  4. After you get this options, click on Invite Now as soon as you click on this option here you get 25₹ of a refer as well as here you get to see your refer code to Here.
  5. you will be see the searching  box of Invite Your Contacts You can refer your friend’s name by searching it as well as refer to other social media.

Other ways to Earn Money with Amazon Pay

There is more ways in Amazon Pay in which you can make some money this offers keeps changing so keep checking Amazon Pay. After you have opened Amazon Pay, after going down a little, here you get to see the option of FunZone It has 2 ways to make money as follows 

1) Spin and Win

Spin Wheel So you must have seen a lot in the App this wheel has various chances  to spin it on whatever the arrow comes to you get in this spin Wheel of Amazon you can win upto ₹ 10,000₹

2) Test Quiz

This is a quiz game in which releated from stories you are asked some questions you can win some ? when you answer correctly


In this article, we have told you about  to How to Refer and Earn in Amazon Pay, giving complete information about to Amazon Pay, other ways to make money from Amazon Pay, if you like this article, then definitely share it. Thank you 

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