How To Earn 5 lakh Per Month

Some people have big dreams that require a good income to fulfill them, but they do not understand how to earn so much money. In today’s time, it is very difficult to run a family with less money; the cost of things is increasing. In such a situation, we should also increase our income.
That’s why today’s article is going to talk in detail about How To Earn 5 Lakh Per Month, so read this article completely and don’t lose heart, my friend; one day everyone gets success.

How to earn 5 lakh per month

How To Earn 5 lakh Per Month

If you want to earn Rs. 5 lakh every month, then you have to follow these 3 steps.
No. 1: You have to do all your work with discipline.
No. 2: Daily/Weekly Review of Yourself
No.3 And you will work daily for 8 hours with full dedication.

If you guys follow these 3 lines, then all of you can earn 5 lakh rupees a month very easily. First of all, let us talk about what work has to be done to earn Rs. 5 lakh. You guys have to sell something to earn Rs 5 lakh. If you sell a product, you get 10%.So you have to generate 50 lakh sales to earn 5 lakh.

And if you sell a product, you get a five percent commission. So to earn 5 lakhs, you have to generate 1 crore in sales. By the way, some companies give commissions up to 20%. But only 2% is available in real estate. So it can go up to 2 percent as well. Now you have selected a product worth 100,000, and you have earned 1,000 at 10%.

How many products do you have to sell to earn ₹1000 to 5 lakhs?Approximately, you have to sell 1,000 products to 500 people. But you did not do this; now meet 500 people in one day and your product will be sold. Nice salesman! He does his conversion around 5 percent, which is very decent!So you have to have a meeting with 5000 people.

Is it possible to meet 5000 people in one day?Then you can meet 5000 people through YouTube seminars, Instagram live classes, and Facebook classes.

Yes, it is possible if you have a team of 100 people. By doing 50/50, you can give seminars to people. So you have to generate a lead for that. So this path seems very difficult.

But there is another way! We have to launch a product that costs Rs. 2 lakh. And 10% of two lakhs is ₹ 20000. So you have to sell 20,000 products to only 25 people. So our 5 lakhs share has been generated. You just have to give $250 per month. What if we work for 25 days in a month?

There will be 10 presentations daily!That’s why you can give, even alone. Can you do this even by forming a team of one or two people?So you keep 2 people with 25000?Sir, you will say that it will happen after ₹ 500000, right?But we are just telling the calculation: how can we earn ₹  5 lakh every month?Where the cost of the product looks huge to you, like ₹  2 lakh to ₹  5 lakh, it is very easy to earn every month. But where you see the cost of the product is very small, like ₹  10000 for you, there is 5 lakh every month, which is considered very difficult. So, friends, you have to choose a product whose price is high in the market. These are also called high-ticket products.

Now you can use this product in any field. No. 1: You can have a coaching program of ₹  2 lakh. No.2 Or if there is a bike showroom, then there can be a KTM bike for 2 lakh. No. 3: If you have a mobile showroom, then you can also have a mobile of ₹  2 lakh. You will search for prospective people.

Meaning people who are ready to buy the product?Meaning they have to see that it earns this much. It can buy a product worth Rs. 2 It has capacity. There is a Gentleman. He has a textile business. You have to search for such people. You can connect with any social media influencer, sir, and run your ad. What will happen with this is that your facility will be available, and you will increase your business day by day. With discipline, you have to learn something or other every day. If you do not learn the game, then you will not be able to earn Rs. 5 lakh. That’s why learning is very important.

And you will make reports in two ways. First daily sales reportI mean A daily report will show how many calls you have made. Deal with how many customers and how many products were sold; all this will come in the daily reports.

PP LINE REPORT PP will come in and report how many people refused to take the product. The debts of so many are pending. How many people are paying? I will write all this in the PP line report.

Now your work is all good. Your earning has also started, so now you have to do only one thing: Everyday work!

Conclusion – Hope you have liked the information given about this article How To Earn 5 lakh Per Month and got to learn something, share this article with your friends. 

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