How To Earn 15000 in One Day [ Quick Way To Earn ]

In today’s time, everyone understands the importance of money very well if the person who does not have money does not have any respect for that person. All people have a goal and dream to live a good home, car and the best life. What can but be a trustworthy way to make money?

What you are thinking is to earn 15,000 days, it is not that it cannot be earned, some people also earn 1lakh of the day. But 15,000₹ is a high amount of money because you want to earn it in a day you have to work hard by being patience

We are about to tell you some of the best ways that we have adopted by the expert by taking opinions and also by ourselves these methods so read this article How To Earn 15000 in One Day be carefully.

How to earn 15000 in one day

How To Earn 15000 in Per Day

We will tell you the special ways to earn 15000 from offline and online in two ways  as well as some way we will give you detail information on how to earn 15000 days –

  • YouTube
  • Businesse
  • Intraday Trading
  • App development
  • Blogging
  • Freelancing
  • Become a Software Developer
  • Share Market

1) Intraday Trading: This is a way of earning money in which there is no limit to how much money you can earn in a day, but first of all, you have to understand this thing very well. You must have heard the name trading. This is only a part of it. Intraday Trading means whatever you trade within a day; this is a one-day game in which you will buy and sell stocks in a single day.


You must have understood that shares are bought and sold in a single day; in this case, you can sell first and then buy. Now let us try to explain it to you with an example: Suppose you have a budget of ₹1,000 and you want a profit of ₹500, but you will buy shares in it today and sell it today itself, whether it is a profit or loss. So whatever your broker is, he gives you a margin of up to 5 times, and if you have a profit, then it will also be according to 5 times, and the loss will also be according to 5 times. If you agree on this, then you can do intraday trading.


It also has the disadvantage that here you are getting more margin than you thought of earning five times. It is not that you will have profit all the time; loss can also happen because if you are earning 1000 by investing 1000 in it, then there can be a loss of 1000₹. 

Important Information – we will not recommend for you to start intraday trading because . Our motive is provides you with accurate information This is true that Intraday Trading can make good money of the day but if you are not complete Analysis of how the share grows and also there is no complete information related to Intraday Trading then you can do your loss in it.

2) Software Developer – Nowadays there is too much demand of software developer if you need Java, Payton, CSS, HTML etc. You can earn well if the language comes. A Software Developer works a lot in which Game developer, Softwere Tester etc.


Q1. How Can I Earn 10,000 Per Day?

Ans – earning 10000₹ per day is a complicated work may take you time so keep patience keep it up stay it some ways you can earn 10000 per day –

  1. YouTube
  2. Intraday Trading
  3. Businesse
  4. Wholesale Market
  5. Share Market 

Conclusion – Hope that information about How To Earn 15000 in One Day given by us would have liked you We have try to tell you new ways, with easy language, if this information is good, give feedback urgent.

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