How To Earn 10 Lakhs Per Month [ 3 COOL WAYS ]

Nowadays, you must have seen that even young people are earning lakhs of rupees online and buying things of their choice. Earning money is also as difficult as people think. All it takes is a smart way and the use of your brain, but what can be a smart way? By which a person can earn up to 5 to 10 lakhs a month.

So today we are going to give you complete information about How To Earn 10 Lakhs Per Month. In this article, we will tell you the best way to earn 10 lakhs, but you will have to be patient for the first few days and work with passion. I will have to keep doing it.

How to earn 10 lakhs per month

How to Earn 10 Lakhs Per Month: Your Ultimate Guide to Financial Success

 Read all the methods carefully, here are some ways by which you can earn 10 lakh per month –

1) Creating and managing an Instagram Page

You must have heard this method somewhere.  But how do you grow the page? How do I earn 10 lakhs? No one tells you this, but we will tell you in detail about this topic. The biggest mistake people make in creating an Instagram page is not working on a specific niche or topic that gives you a lot of earning. You have to keep this in mind very much. But you have to create a page on which you can get maximum promotion and sponsor so that you can earn more.

I created the page, but now it comes to knowing how to grow it. To grow this page, first of all, go to the comment section of popular reels and make a good comment. For this, you can also use tools. Create and upload more trending reels than uploading posts, and also create attractive posters.

Now it comes to how to earn 10 lakhs from this page. For this, when your page starts to reach up (popular), then put a tagline of promotion about your page and put the promotion story created by you every day and also other countries. Message people who already have a page and tell them that you can manage their page; for this, you can take from $1200 to $1500. And as far as the sponsor is concerned, he will contact you himself.

2) By small-scale industry

Small-scale industry can also be a good way to earn 10 lakh a month because nowadays the government has also started providing assistance to small-scale industry. By looking at the needs of the people through the process of market survey, small-scale industry can be established. You can also get financial assistance from the government to start a small-scale industry. In which you can hire three to four laborers.

For example, you must have seen around your market that milk quality is being reduced very much. Nowadays, milk has become like water, and people have started paying attention to their health and want good quality. You can set up a good small-scale industry by increasing the quality of milk and earning well. This was an example to explain.

3) Esty + Printify On Demand Business

Starting with 0 investment, this business can give you an income of up to 10 lakhs because it is an international business that runs a lot in big countries. Now it comes to the point that what is this business? And how to start it Esty + Printify These are two different companies. Esty, which works like Amazon to sell the product, runs more in foreign countries, and it seems from the name itself that Printify is able to print’s company.

Now it comes to knowing how to start this business. First of all, you have to create your account on both Esty and Printify and also connect Printify to your Esty account. Now on Printify, you will get T-shirts, tea drinking cups, paint, etc. But you have to print the design yourself and sell it on Esty.

If you want your design to be sold as much as possible, then for this you have to find trending designs by researching on Esty and make a little unique design from them, and only then will your sales increase.

Case Studies: Individuals Who Successfully Attained 10 Lakhs in Monthly Earnings

Rishu Rajput is a boy living in Gujarat who is 19 years old, manages an Instagram page, has his own page, and earns 10 lakhs a month.

Jatt Prabhjot: This is a YouTuber who makes videos of travelers blogs; each of his videos has millions of views and earns more than 10 lakhs.

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Q1: How can I make 10 lakh per month?

Ans: There are many ways by which you can earn 10 lakh a month, but these methods may take time. There are also some jobs in India that pay a salary of 10 lakh per month, but it is difficult to get these jobs because there is more competition. Here are some ways in which you will be able to earn 10 lakh per month:

  •  share market
  •  Instagram page
  •  YouTube
  •  business
  • small-scale industry
  •  Wholesalers etc.

Q2: Which Business Can Give Me 10 Lakhs Per Month?

Ans: Here are the names of some such businesses from which you can earn 10 lakh a month:

 milk shop

Wedding Management Business


 Premium Hotel

Conclusion: I hope that you would have liked the three best ways to earn 10 lakhs per month very much and that you would have learned very good information from them. Share this article with more people.

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